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Why the EU?

By on 2.23.11 | 6:46AM

Why, this is why the march toward 'ever-closer union' was an imperative, and needed to stop these people from going to war against each other (and, at about 65 years of conflicts limited to such matters as the following, I do think we are nearing a record). According to OpenEurope's daily roundup:

The EU granted the Cornish pasty protected status yesterday, meaning only those produced in Cornwall, to a specific recipe, can be described as ‘Cornish'.
Independent Times Guardian

Sleep well tonight, young ones. The European Superstate is on the watch for misshapen fruits labeled as "bananas" -- indeed! -- and Danish cheese makers calling their wares "feta".

But back in the colonies, please also do recall the lesson that when you give government even an enormously oversized pair of paints, soon enough they will fit.

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