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Sarah Palin Promotes Herman Cain

By on 2.22.11 | 11:30PM

It is certainly unusual for a potential presidential candidate to promote a potential rival, so eyebrows were raised Tuesday when Sarah Palin used her Facebook page (2.8 million followers) and her Twitter account (422,000 followers) to promote an Investor's Business Daily column by Herman Cain.

Some of Cain's supporters were chattering Tuesday night about the possible significance of Palin's message. Was the former Alaska governor signaling that she might not run in 2012? Or, perhaps, was her promotion of Cain's column -- praising Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's leadership -- a backhand dig at Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who punted in his own showdown with Democrats and unions?

Either way, the news that South Dakota Sen. John Thune won't run in 2012 has winnowed the GOP presidential field, and the question of who's serious and who's not is expected to get more answers between now and April 1.

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