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Time for a No-Fly Zone in Libya

By on 2.21.11 | 4:43PM

Muammar Gaddafi and his vile sons are currently committing crimes against humanity -- ordering wholesale slaughter of civilians that dwarf the violence in other Arab countries during the current wave of uprisings. Protestors have been fired on from planes and helicopters. (Two pilots sought asylum in Malta instead of carrying out those orders.) There are reports that the city of Benghazi (population: 600,000), which is apparently now under control of Gaddafi's oppenents, may be bombed within hours.

Numerous Libyan diplomats have resigned in protest (whether out of conscience or a sense that the regime is in its death throes). In a press conference today, one of those diplomats, Deputy Ambassador at the UN Ibrahim Dabbashi, called for a no-fly zone to be established over Libya.

Like Dan Foster, I think the President should order the enforcement of a no-fly zone as soon as possible (bringing along the UN Security Council and/or NATO is fine but not essential). Libya may be descending into the abyss no matter what, and I certainly wouldn't want American troops on the ground playing referee as armed factions turn on each other, but US forces can at least limit Gaddafi's capacity for mass murder by keeping his bombers grounded.

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