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Tea Party Joins the Battle of Madison

By on 2.19.11 | 4:04PM

"Wisconsin is Ground Zero for the rest of the nation," Herman Cain told a cheering crowd Saturday afternoon at the Capitol in Madison at a "Stand With Scott Walker" rally. "On Nov. 2, the people of this great state elected a governor to lead -- and he is leading!"

Wisconsin's newly-elected Republican governor is in a showdown with the state's government employee unions and their Democrat allies in the state legislature. Unions have led protests at the Capitol in Madison. In order to prevent a quorum in the state Senate to consider the governor's budget-cutting bill, Democratic senators fled the Capitol and were discovered to be hiding out across the state line at a hotel bar in Rockford, Ill.

More than 2,000 Tea Party activists turned out for the pro-Walker rally Saturday, organized on less than 48 hours notice. While Tea Party activists on the scene said they were outnumbered by union activists, it appears that Democrats have blinked first in their showdown with Walker, offering a "compromise" that the governor rejected.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal explains what's at stake in the Battle of Madison.

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