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Bankrupt Administration

By on 2.18.11 | 12:40PM

In a remarkably illustrative example of the blinders it wears as regards most things Obama and left-wing, the Washington Post today ran an article titled (in the print edition; the on-line version adds ", opposing Republican anti-union bill") "Obama joins Wisconsin budget battle" -- accompanied by a side-lede "Organizing for America, president Obama's community organizing group, has helped mobilize thousands of demonstrators in Madison, the capital, to protest the Republican governor's plan to cut collective bargaining rights for public workers" (NB: and renegotiate employees' deals).

The blinders are revealed in the Post burying the following paragraph therein, with no apparent recognition of the contradictions involved:

"The huge debt burdens coupled with the impending termination of federal stimulus aid later this year have spurred talk of the need for a federal bailout. The White House has dismissed such speculation, saying states have the wherewithal to raise taxes, cut programs and renegotiate employee contracts to balance their books."

As, yes, why, those states are of course free to unleash "assaults on unions" and deal with mobs turned out by "Obama's Organizing for America". Where's the issue?

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