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MoveOn Moving On

By on 1.15.06 | 6:16PM

The Dems' campaign against Judge Samuel Alito's nomination to the Supreme Court is - as my sons might say - so over. The Sunday morning tv talk shows either beat on the Dems for making such a bad showing (as did the ever more liberal Chris Matthews) or simply ignored the whole thing (as did Meet the Press). Perhaps the best evidence of the unstoppable nature of the Alito momentum is that even is demoting their anti-Alito campaign to the bottom of the page.

One of the new MoveOn headline stories is hilarious. Instead of defending the insane liberal bias of the media, MoveOn is now bashing the media for laying off reporters. MoveOn knows who its friends only reliable pals are, and - to its credit - will fight for them. Even as a broken clock is correct twice a day, there had to be a case in which would perform honorably, even if only to its own lights.

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