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Green Jobs and Scam

By on 2.15.11 | 7:01AM

As I noted previously, today The Nation and its camera-toting minions will be staking out the U.S. Chamber, Fox News, and surely some groups like CEI in seeking some media hooks as they pimp a silly book, co-incidentally advocating the President's budget push and Senate hearing seeking massive increases in already bloated budgets for climatically meaningless 'green jobs'/'clean energy economy' schemes.

Student of the president know the latter as his 'other ways to skin the cat' now that cap-and-trade imploded, bringing down a bunch of elected Dems with it.

As I note here in testimony submitted for the record, this is a scam of scandalous proportions that no lawmaker or taxpayer should fall for. Discussions include China Syndrome; Not 'New', Not of 'the Future'; Green 'Census' Jobs and the Green-Jobs Bubble; The German Model; The Broader European Experience; Spain; Expensive Waste; and an appendix of Recent Developments in Other EU "Green Economy" Programs.

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