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“Mama Grizzlies, Joe the Plumbers, and Bitter Clingers”

By on 2.12.11 | 11:49AM

I poked my head into the CPAC presser of the new Tea Party Review right after it started. Took me a second to realize that TPR Vice President William Owens was wrapping up an opening prayer/sales pitch. One contributor to the first issue described TPR as a magazine for "mama grizzlies, Joe the Plumbers, and bitter clingers." Add to that "... and Allen West." Tea Partiers have been criticized as being overwhelmingly white, but Owens (who is black) and company are endeavoring to change that image. The inaugural effort has the essays "The Year of the Black Conservative"; "New Year's Resolution: Call out black Democrats who exploit race"; "Booker T. Washington and the Tea Party Movement"; and "Reaching out to new Americans (No, you don't have to speak Spanish)." Interesting effort.

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