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Bonhoeffer, Bush and Ron Paul

By on 2.11.11 | 11:08AM

"I am a social conservative because I am a Christian. I am a fiscal conservative because I am a Christian. Why are you a conservative?" So asked Eric Metaxas, author of the new bestseller Bonhoeffer biography (disclosure: we share a publisher), at CPAC in a broadside against relativistic conservatism. He said that conservatism is about social order and social order ultimately derives from God.

Best joke: He speculated that many Nazis went along with Hitler because they figured he'd be a "one-term fuhrer." He also told a tale out of school. George Bush told him of Barack Obama, "In one year, he went from Nobel Prize to an ass-kicking."

Also, let me go on the record right now saying that Ron Paul is going to win the CPAC straw poll again this year.

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