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The Day Ahead: Thursday, February 10, 2011

By on 2.10.11 | 8:15AM

Today on the Main Site:

The Center Didn't Hold, by W. James Antle III: Jim Webb retires, the DLC dies, and the New Democrat doesn't look so new anymore.

Hits to the Head, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Football announcers talk too much. They need to be fined and replaced.

'Bye' Means Hello to an NFL Solution, by Quin Hillyer: The season can be extended, as the owners wish, without exposing the players to still more wear and tear.

Coldlanta, by RiShawn Biddle: "Hotlanta" Atlanta loses its fire, amid political corruption, financial mismanagement, and education scandals.

Another Controversial CPAC, by Robert Stacy McCain: How liberal media cover a conservative conference.

End Times, by Christopher Orlet: Preparing for the coming cyber-apocalypse.

Dreambusters: The Fuel That Ignites Riots, by Ralph R. Reiland: On Egypt, Glenn Beck got it all wrong this time.

What to Watch for:

The iPhone 4 hits Verizon stores across the nation (Miami Herald)

The House plans to reconsider the Patriot Act extension (Fox News)

Republicans are trying to strip family planning programs of its funding to federal decrease spending--details will be released today (Politico)

CPAC kicks off in Washington, D.C.

Clip of the Day:

Monetary policy standoff: investment vs. spending. Who wins? (Politico)

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