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Re: Brett Who?

By on 2.8.11 | 12:18AM

Jim: I think you owe Brett Favre an apology. Unlike Aaron Rodgers, he beat the Washington Redskins this past season, clinching the game on a nifty 10 yard run. According to one of his teammates, he looked no more than 38 on that play. Aaron Rodgers, meanwhile, though he throws the most perfect pass in football, failed to defeat those same Redskins. As you note, there aren't exactly too many top flight quarterbacks in the NFL. I'd wager that Favre, if he can still walk five years from now, could come out of retirement and still win a few games, particularly if he signs with someone in the Redskins' division and gets to play them twice in season. One can imagine the reviled Dan Snyder suing to prevent his comeback.

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