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Obama’s Curious Energy Policies

By on 2.7.11 | 11:44AM

Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post today (pushing a higher gasoline tax) writes that President Obama's objective driving various interventions is to have 1 million electric hybrid cars on the road in a few years. As Samuelson acknowledges this isn't realistic but, anyway, that would possibly save 0.2 percent of U.S. oil consumption. At enormous cost.

And the lost domestic oil production from Obama's new restrictions on drilling just in the Gulf of Mexico is five times that. Which restrictions were imposed with politically inserted misrepresentations of scientific conclusions, and could be avoided at no cost. From the same administration. Classic.

Their point isn't to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy as they claim, it isn't anything but to make automobility and otherwise energy use more costly. As Obama promised in the campaign, to what we now should all be able to agree was far too little attention from the far too enthralled and activist press.

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