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Super Bowl Entertainment Update

By on 2.6.11 | 5:50PM

Are there any fans of Christina Aguilera's rendition of the national anthem out there? I realize it's a hard song to sing, but she didn't even try. Instead, she attempted to reinterpret it, badly. Also, is there a reason that she has to bleach her hair that unnaturally blonde?

Super Bowl spots have long been the most expensive commercials in advertising, so it's a good idea to air ads that make you want to buy the products. Dorito is 50/50 so far: the attack pug was a good selling point but the creepy cheese sucking/sniffing guy, not so much.

The vehicle spots have been pretty good and the Bud Lite commercial was perfect. Not sure about the Pepsi Max spots, but I'd rather take a bath in vinegar than Pepsi. Oh, and Green Bay just scored the first touchdown. Take that, Steelers fans.

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