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Joe Biden’s World

By on 1.28.11 | 12:17PM

With the success of Sarah Palin's Alaska, perhaps TLC should embark upon another series with a prominent American politician. They could call it Joe Biden's World.

Vice-President Joe Biden's assertion in an interview with Jim Lehrer that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is not a dictator has to rank amongst the daftest things that have crossed the threshold of his lips.

It certainly ranks up there with his assertion during the 2008 Vice-Presidential debates that the United States and France had "kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon." That would certainly be news in the streets of Beirut.

Or how about when he told Katie Couric during the '08 campaign that FDR had gone on television to talk to the American people after the 1929 stock market crash despite the fact that Herbert Hoover was President and television didn't exist? Ms. Couric didn't even bat an eyelash.

And yet they call Sarah Palin stupid.

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