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Defying Hillary, Egypt Blocks the Internet

By on 1.27.11 | 6:37PM

"We support the universal rights of the Egyptian people," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday in Jordan, "including the rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly. And we urge the Egyptian authorities not to prevent peaceful protests or block communications, including on social media sites."

The AP is now reporting that Internet service is cut off in Egypt. So what are we going to do about it?

It's time, as Charlie Szrom has been suggesting over at National Review Online, to reassess US aid to Egypt:

Second, the administration could threaten cuts in aid to the Egyptian government if the regime continues to ban demonstrations and arrest and otherwise abuse protestors. This would be in line with measures I proposed yesterday on the Corner. The Egyptian regime has ignored the Obama administration's calls for "restraint." The specter of reduced funding would demand the regime's attention. Without the threat of such action or rhetoric straight from the President, the Mubarak regime is unlikely to respond.

Continuing to throw unqualified monetary support at the Mubarak regime under the current circumstances is insane, and not just because everyone in Washington these days claims to be looking for ways to save money. Szrom has called for an immediate $100 million cut, with threats of more if the regime doesn't open up the coming presidential election, scheduled for September.

UPDATE: Joe Biden should be ashamed of himself.

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