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Government: the Mother of Invention (and Clumsy Transitions)

By on 1.27.11 | 10:08AM

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis writes in the Huffington Post that:

"No country has more successful companies, inventors, and entrepreneurs. So when the president says that 80 percent of America's electricity will come from clean sources by 2035, I know we will meet that goal.

I believe it because I've seen the promise of clean energy technology, and I've seen the impact of green jobs. Take Kwanasia Smith, a young woman in Oakland, CA. Thanks to the Recovery Act, she attended a summer jobs program studying solar paneling, mounting, and wiring."

Ummmm. What?

If I follow the administration's rhetoric since SOTU, some combination of summer internships and pretending the Great Windmill Race is a moon-shot will make us competitive in the uneconomic and innovative in the old, which isn't like that energy of today which is from yesterday but is instead of tomorrow. If tomorrow is the 1890s.

Now if you'll excuse me I've just pulled up to the BP station so they can fill 'er up with solar.

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