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Pence Bandwagon Grows

By on 1.26.11 | 3:11PM

My friend Mark Tapscott has probably the most eloquent column yet on why Mike Pence should run for president. Read it here. Pence, he writes, "is a man of faith and a genuine conservative who understands that economic freedom produces the best results for everybody concerned when sown among consumers who are independent, trustworthy, family oriented and hard-working."

Another testimonial comes from Ned Ryun, president of a great grassroots group called American Majority.

[A]sk yourself who has held true to his or her principles under fire, time and time again? I'm not saying standing up and proclaiming this or that: words mean nothing to me. It's what you actually do, and Mike Pence's voting record has shown from No Child Left Behind to Medicare Part D to TARP to the stimulus bill, even taking a stand against the recent tax compromise, he has talked and walked the walk.

Pence has said he will decide by the end of January whether to run for governor or Indiana or instead to take a shot at the presidency. In other words, he'll decide by this coming Monday. If he runs, he'll certainly make a lot of conservative movement activists very happy.

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