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What About Energy for Today?

By on 1.26.11 | 10:04AM

As has been his practice, last night President Obama called state spending on things that work, but that he doesn't like, 'subsidizing' them. True. But he then, as is also his habit, called subsidizing things that he likes but don't work 'investment.' Even if they are things that have failed for a century and more.

For example:

So instead of subsidizing yesterday's energy, let's invest in tomorrow's.

And sure enough tomorrow's energy includes those things from the 19th century that failed when it came to providing reliable, affordable electricity, windmills and solar cells. But while I was on Frank Beckman's radio show a few minutes ago he asked a good question:

What about the energy for today?

But dear Alice, "The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday - but never jam to-day." That would be 'fossil' (sic) fuels, or hydrocarbons, of which we have a century or more of supply depending on the fuel source, and which remains the most reliable, abundant and affordable energy supply.

So in Obama's eyes the things we use today are the energy of yesterday, and against which Obama has gone to war today: offshore oil and gas, domestic onshore oil and gas, domestic coal, existing technology for all of their uses that afford your freedoms...meaning, your freedom from dependence on the kind of people who proclaim and seek to design a country where prosperity comes from the state.

Fortunately, things like this provide another opportunity to remind Americans that Obama vowed to cause your 'electricity rates [to] necessarily skyrocket', and his energy secretary in an indiscreet moment pledged the desire to cause our gasoline prices to more than double, 'to Europe's levels.' That's what they think about energy for today.

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