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More on Tonight’s Windmill and Solar Heist: ‘Green’ Germany FacingBlackouts

By on 1.25.11 | 8:12PM

OK, admit I was hoping and lying in wait for him to dare dip his toes into the dangerous waters of specificity and repeat his recently reaffirmed odious claim of Germany as his latest spectacular 'clean energy economy' and 'renewables' success that we are to follow (having tapped Spain and the others to great embarassment).

But the lesson of (publicly identifying) the Spanish debacle as a model seems to have been learned. No Germany in the speech tonight.

Which as I note here is really too bad. They just received warnings of the blackouts now in store for them for following the 'irrational' scheme.

As will we unless this shocking pursuit of the 'other way to skin the cat' of energy rationing, wind- and solar-ethanol, backfires on Obama. If he -- or aspiring Republican presidents, like one grave disappointment revealed today -- can't get off the ethanol but instead only praise it for political gain, imagine the damage they'll wreak with these.

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