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Obama cut your taxes in December!

By on 1.25.11 | 7:26PM

Says so in the leaked version of tonight's SOTU National Journal has published that I'm told is causing heads to explode all over the White House. Again, I've never seen SOTU so closely held. Reasons may include avoiding people to be too prepared to laugh at things like this:

"That's the project the American people want us to work on. Together. 

We did that in December. Thanks to the tax cuts we passed, Americans' paychecks are a little bigger today."

Misssed that. Next thing you know he'll call spending on windmill boondoggles 'investing.' As he works to 'cut spending' by 'investing' in a whole lot more 'stimulus'.

Sorry. New tones are tough when this is what you're dealt.

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