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Names? Photos?

By on 1.21.11 | 4:12PM

Here is EarthJustice attorney James Pew quoted in Greenwire today, demanding that EPA immeidately impose some new rules on industrial boilers (zzzzzzzz hey, wake up, it's about to get exciting!):

"Given their druthers, agencies will sometimes spend years deliberating over what the best policy would be, but that's not what Congress wanted. Congress wanted these protections in place, and that's why it set these deadlines," Pew said.

"Everyone agrees -- even industry, as far as I know -- that every year of delay kills off another 5,000 people or so. That's 5,000 dead Americans. Would the industry guys like pictures of those people, or what?"

Strange how the green movement loses credibility over time and exposure. Huh.

Still, odd that our parasitical trial bar hasn't managed to persuade courts and then juries of this. So we know the level of confidence is somewhere below spilling-hot-coffee-on-your-crotch-and-being-amazed-the-coffee's-hot-is-all-someone-else's-fault type certainty.

Indeed, it's been a dozen years since I first called on EPA to invoke its emergency rulemaking authority to match its actions with its rhetoric, on global warming. Of course, that has the inconvenient side-effect of effectively reversing the burden of proof, from an agency needing only to slide in under the bar of 'arbitrary and capricious' to actually justifying what it did. In the future, take notice of the inconsistency found in bureaucrats howling of terrible ongoing catastrophe while proceeding through notice-and-comment rulemaking.

But back to our hysterical friend: If you can't name a fraction -- let's say 10%, 500 names, per each of the past say five years -- of what everyone (sic) agrees to be a body, yes, could we at least see the pictures you apparently have there in your pocket?

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