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Pro-Life Group Calls for Action on ObamaCare Repeal

By on 1.20.11 | 2:22PM

From the beginning of the 2009 health-care debate in Congress, Americans United for Life argued that it amounted to federal funding for abortion. Now the group's president Charmaine Yoest is urging pro-lifers to contact Congress and express their support for repeal of ObamaCare.

"With the Obama Administration arguing in court that they have the right to force this upon Americans because they may tax us, AULA calls on Congress to say no to this abortion tax and the law that violates the principles of the pro-life Hyde Amendment," Yoest said in a message to her group's members. "The vast majority of Americans agree that no tax for abortions is acceptable."

Yoest said the federal law President Obama signed into law last year "allows taxpayer funding to go to insurance plans that cover abortions, directly contrary to the long-standing Hyde Amendment.  It also permits, contrary to Hyde, direct funding of abortion in some areas. . . . It contains vague ‘mandates' for private insurance plans into which abortion coverage can be pushed."

Now that the repeal act has passed the House, attention shifts to the Senate, where Republicans are expected to force a vote that could put pressure on many Democrats who faced major re-election challenges in 2012.

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