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After 3rd Ballot, Preibus Still Ahead, Wagner Making Move

By on 1.14.11 | 2:12PM

Reince Priebus has held onto his lead after three rounds of voting in the RNC chair race with 54 votes, but Ann Wagner, at 32 votes made the biggest move.

Michael Steele continues to bleed support, dropping to 33 votes, Marica Cino fell to 28, and Anuzis fell further back to 21.

At this point, the race appears to be down to Priebus and Wagner, and the big questions are who will drop out, and where will their support go?

Below is a chart of the movement between each round.

Priebus Steele Cino Anuzis Wagner
1st 45 44 32 24 23
2nd 52 37 30 22 27
3rd 54 33 28 21 32

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