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Second Ballot: Priebus Adds to Lead

By on 1.14.11 | 1:28PM

Reince Preibius added to his lead on the second ballot, with 52 votes. Michael Steele dropped to 37, Maria Cino fell back to 30, Ann Wagner moved up to 27 and Saul Anuzis lost ground to end at the back of the pack, with 22 votes.

Overall, Steele's support hasn't erroded as quickly as many expected. One question that's been speculated on is whether Prebius asked some of his voters to park with Cino in the first round, to create the appearance of momentum in the second round. Frum Forum's Tim Mak added fuel to that with this tweet: "Overheard, passed to me: Two Priebus supporters, 'Wow, it was hard to vote for Maria.'"

Compared to the first round, Preibius is up seven, Wagner gained four, Steele lost seven, and Anuzis and Cino each dropped two.

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