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How’s that Stimulus/Green Jobs Thing Workin’ Out?

By on 1.12.11 | 10:31AM

Speaking of I told you so... It seems that we've just had another belly flop in a long list of belly flops proving that politically conjured jobs, which exist solely because of wealth transfers from the taxpayer, are temporary, even if their creation kills real jobs in both opportunity cost, and otherwise.

A solar panel company that took $58.6 million in stimulus green jobs money to 'create 350 jobs' has decided it's too expensive to make stuff in places that fetishize the green movement. So they're going to China. That's $167,428 or so per temporary (about a year) job. Don't worry. The Dems and their enablers are convinced we'll make this up in volume.

Reminding us also, yet again, of the folly of the Sen. John Kerry-led 'do we want all of our windmills and solar panels to be made in China?!' erm, 'argument', for mandating their use here. They will be made there. Or Philipines, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico...

Politicians can mandate you use or pay for anything they can politically get away with mandating you use or pay for. But in so doing they also ensure that these things will be made somewhere else where they are not mandated. Because particularly these schemes touted in the name of jobs (paging Bastiat on Bonaparte!) carry other baggage making it too expensive to actually make the things there. They are worse than Napoleon's ditch-digging-and-refilling. They require higher energy prices on top of the debt (the latter meaning taxes to pay for them, which investors also understand).

Don't think that this particular Massachusetts Miracle will dissuade Obama's congressional point man, Massachusetts' Kerry, to change his tune.

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