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Has O’Donnell Been Smeared?

By on 12.29.10 | 5:38PM

The internet is aglow with a report by the Associated Press claiming that Delaware GOP Senatorial candidate Christine O'Donnell is under federal investigation for improper use of campaign funds. The report is based on an anonymous source.

For her part, O'Donnell calls the report "phony." However, POLITICO claims the story has been confirmed by "a top Delaware Republican." It begs the question if this "top Delaware Republican" was a supporter of her GOP primary opponent Mike Castle.

Methinks this story has caught fire because there are certain people who want it to be true. But if it turns out that O'Donnell is not under federal investigation somehow I don't think the mainstream media will report that development with quite the same enthusiasm and vigor.

But what if O'Donnell is, in fact, under federal investigation?

If O'Donnell is under federal investigation shouldn't the FBI apprise O'Donnell before they tell the AP?

After all, these are serious allegations that are being leveled against O'Donnell. If she is under federal investigation she has the constitutional right to face her accusers and call their evidence into question. The onus is on the federal government to prove her guilt.

However, as far as the mainstream media goes, O'Donnell has already been tried and convicted.

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