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Michigan’s Missin’ Ya

By on 12.23.10 | 12:27PM

The Wolverine State received the worst, but not unexpected, news from the Census data released earlier this week. From the New York Times:

While every other state in the nation gained population over the past decade, Michigan shrank. And yet, as word seeped across frozen towns like this one on Wednesday, almost no one seemed even mildly surprised. This was, many here said with resignation, just one last, official confirmation of Michigan's long, grim and gloomy slide.

"We used to enjoy a bit of a strut," said Jerry Becker, a welder, recalling an era when Michigan's automotive powerhouses ruled the world and salaries here felt lavish. "But that's long gone. We all know by now that everybody thinks of Michigan as a bad place to live - a place that doesn't seem to have much of a future."

If any state is ready to be done with the 2000s, it is this one.

And nearly the entire decade was presided over by departing Democrat Gov. Jennifer "Stay the Course" Granholm, who said in her final State of the State address:

Everything we do in these next 11 months should be linked to the economic plan we have followed these seven years: diversifying the economy; educating our people; and protecting citizens in a time of transition.

I'll repeat below the appropriate analogy (fast-forward to about 2:28). Perhaps incoming Gov. Rick Snyder can respond to the wake-up alarm the following morning.

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