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More on New “Ways to Skin that Cat”

By on 12.17.10 | 9:06AM

Earlier I noted the White House's 'environmental justice' confab taking up the better part of a day for the better part of his cabinet.

Carter Wood at the National Association of Manufacturers has more here, which opens:

If Jobs are the Priority, What's Environmental Justice?

President Obama made headlines by meeting with CEOs earlier this week, offering a hint of an Administration becoming friendlier toward business and pursuing a "path that will lead to economic success." Attendees regarded the discussions as a positive exchange about jobs and the economy.

Yet at the same time, the White House was hosting its "White House Forum on Environmental Justice" with an implicit anti-business bias and calls for economic redistribution. Private-sector jobs were not really an issue.

This long-building pivot by the statist greens is a sure bet to be among the top angles in 2011 and 2012 to revive the Left-wing base, buttressing the president's re-elect effort while trying to give some populist juice to the 'green jobs' subsidy- and mandate-boon being lobbied for by the usual suspects of GE, Duke Energy, Iberdrola and Wall Street investment houses.

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