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Tim Pawlenty: Govt Unions Are a Silent Coup

By on 12.13.10 | 7:45AM

He's only in office for a couple more weeks, but Governor Tim Pawlenty's not sitting on his laurels. In an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today, he talks about something with which Minnesota is all too familiar: The takeover of unionized public employees.

His solution?

Over the last eight years in Minnesota, we have taken decisive action to prevent our problems from becoming a state crisis. Public employee unions fought us virtually every step of the way. Mass transit employees, for example, went on strike for 44 days in 2005—because we refused to grant them lifetime health-care benefits after working just 15 years. It was a tough fight, but in the end Minnesota taxpayers won.

Later he discusses his federal solutions, which sound like great ideas, but also seem impossible to accomplish. It will take a conservative President with some chutzpah and a posse of like-minded politicians behind him to implement anything close to what he's suggesting.

As an outgoing Governor, it's hard not to read anything by--or about--Tim Pawlenty at this point without looking at with him with national significance, especially in pieces like this when he spells out his state and federal ideas.

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