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“DADT” Vote Fails in the Senate

By on 12.9.10 | 3:07PM

The U.S. Senate just voted down the defense authorization bill containing a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," 57 to 40, with 60 votes needed to proceed.

The official roll call has not yet been posted, but among the key votes: Sen. Susan Collins voted "aye" while Sens. Scott Brown, Lisa Murkowski and Joe Manchin voted "no." Manchin was the only Democrat to vote against it.

UPDATE: Here's the roll call. Brownback, Cornyn and Lincoln were the ones who didn't vote, though Lincoln said after if she didn't miss the vote, she would have been an "aye." Meanwhile, Lieberman has said he plans to bring up the DADT repeal in a stand alone bill. Both Brown and Murkowski have come out in favor of repeal in principle, but had procedural objections to Reid's approach. Sympathetic Republicans have also said they want to see the tax issue resolved before voting for this.

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