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Indicted War Criminal Volleyball

By on 1.9.06 | 2:10PM

Are you a war criminal concerned about your prospects for decent housing when awaiting trial? Have you been kept up at nights in a cold sweat, not thinking about the blood on your hands but whether your roommate will snore, your beds bunked, or internet access abridged?

Well, keep going to that gym and working out, because you're going to have to have the spirit to win! I don't mean win the trial (ha!), but win in indicted war criminal volleyball! Slate details how accomodating the UN is with its mixed nuts:

It was all startlingly cheeryâ€"even homey. When I asked [Warden] McFadden about this during a later conversation, he spoke at length and with passion about the presumption of innocence and about having to remove some guards who'd come in on loan from the Dutch government when it became clear that they were unable to separate the inmates from the crimes they're accused of....

Inmates here certainly don't lack for entertainment options. Besides television, radio, and access to any print media they choose to subscribe to, the prisoners have access to English classes (which boast almost universal attendance), computer workshops, and a range of art instruction from ceramics and painting to more esoteric techniques like model-ship building. There are comfortable visiting facilities, including rooms reserved for conjugal visits. Weekly religious services are led by Muslim, Roman Catholic, and Serbian Orthodox priests, who are shipped in by tribunal authorities. And evenings are time for gym class, when a roomful of pudgy fiftysomethings rushes around playing volleyball or indoor soccer under the close supervision of a trained physical-education instructor.

And a one and a two and a three and a suppression of individual rights and pluralistic democracy, and a one and a two...

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