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Send Russ Feingold to Egypt

By on 12.2.10 | 5:29PM

An intriguing suggestion by Ellen Bork of the Foreign Policy Initiative:

The Senate should only approve a new ambassador to Cairo who is committed to an energetic, principled American policy in support of a transition to democracy brought about by Egypt's people. One excellent candidate for the job? Outgoing Senator Russ Feingold who has championed democracy and human rights for Egypt's people.

Feingold has indeed been outspoken on Egypt, and might reverse the troubling turn away from support for Egyptian democracy activists that the Obama administration has taken. Bork has other suggestions for nudging Egypt toward a democratic transition, all worthwhile. I would add a fairly obvious point: Given that the opposition to Mubarak is divided between liberal democrats and Islamists, any effort for reform has to be oriented toward privileging the former over the latter, lest the "one man, one vote, one time" scenario arise.

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