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By on 11.30.10 | 3:36PM

If it's sports, and I write it, it will happen. In the summer of '09 I wrote that Andre Dawson and Rickey Jackson should be in the baseball and football Halls of Fame. Both were inducted the next chance available. In the last three Ryder Cups, I have called the winner. (This time I hedged, but wrote that if the Molinari brothers performed decently the Euros would win -- but that either way, Tiger would finally produce an excellent record in a Ryder Cup. Both came true.) And now -- ta da!!!! -- I present you the Sportsman of the Year, Drew Brees! Which is exactly what I wrote yesterday. Of course, if I were more sportsmanlike, I wouldn't be boasting. So maybe you should ignore this post......


Seriously, Brees really does deserve it. He's a class act, all the way. Like Cal Ripken, like Archie and Peyton Manning, like Jack Nicklaus, like Bart Starr, but unfortunately like not enough others, he upholds the honor of the game he plays, plays at a remarkably high level, and also gives back to his community in a way that goes far beyond photo ops and check writing (although the checks really are important!). He's truly a champion sportsman, in every sense of the words!

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