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By on 11.30.10 | 10:30AM

So yesterday we were treated to a Washington Post story opening by noting how Mexico President Calderon is focused first and foremost on the minutiae of 'global warming', over other minor issues like a civil war raging with bazooka-toting drug lords. Great.

Today, ClimateWire reports:

NEGOTIATIONS: Leaked cables show U.S. pressured Saudis to accept Copenhagen Accord (11/30/2010)

The Obama administration leaned heavily on Saudi Arabia to associate itself with the Copenhagen Accord climate change agreement, confidential State Department memos show.

The handful of climate-related cables -- among the hundreds of thousands of secret and unclassified messages released by the whistle-blower organization Wikileaks -- show the United States put climate change at the center of its foreign policy relationship with the oil-producing giant in the months after last year's blowout U.N. climate summit in Denmark. (emphasis added)

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