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Palin’s Northern Exposure Overexposure

By on 11.22.10 | 11:43PM

I love Sarah Palin. I was cheering her when John McCain selected her as his vice presidential nominee. She was just a far more interesting and compelling candidate than any of the stuffed shirt alternatives who were then being pushed down our throats by the staid, blue-blood GOP establishment.

I remain a Palin fan. The woman has rarified political talent and is an American phenomenon the likes of which we haven't seen since Ronald Reagan.

That said, I am acutely and painfully aware of Palin's political shortcomings and challenges. And I'm not sure her recent high-profile activities are helping her politically.

In an age of instantaneous communication and constant connectivity via 24/7 cable, the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, et al., is there such a thing as overexposure? You betcha.

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