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Is This Obama’s Idea of Effective Communication?

By on 11.19.10 | 3:53PM

Before I wrote the previous post, I didn't realize just how comically manipulative President Obama's GM IPO victory speech was. But Daniel Ikenson was paying close attention

President Obama's salutary statement about GM's IPO yesterday reveals a man so focused on defending his policies that he can no longer conceal the incongruity between his political objectives and the country's imperatives.

American taxpayers are now positioned to recover more than my administrationinvested in GM, and that's a good thing. (My emphasis)

Besides revealing the president's preference for LIFO accounting procedures, the statement strikes me as sub-presidential.  Shouldn't the POTUS be concerned about  American taxpayers getting back all of the money invested in GM?

So easy to miss, if you're not looking for it. I can't help but be reminded: 

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