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Bonner Blasts Rangel: Good Stuff

By on 11.19.10 | 9:53AM

Republicans can have few people more well suited to exhibiting the moral seriousness and fairness required to be their leader on the House Ethics panel than Alabama's Jo Bonner. Here is the video of his takedown of ethically challenged Rep. Charles Rangel. Here, if Ihave worked the link right, is the text of his statement.

Rep. Bonner has been around Capitol Hill a long time -- since arriving there as a staffer in 1984. Time on the Hill can do one of two things: It can either corrupt you by seeming to be an entitlement, or it can inspire a respect for the institution of Congress that makes you treasure the notion of honorable service to it. For Rep. Bonner, the latter applies. Hence his particular castigation of Rangel for Rangel seeming to suggest that 40 years in Congress gives him more leave to have erred, rather than, as Bonner would see it, what should instead be a greater commitment to maintaining honorable behavior.

Good for Rep. Bonner. He has it right.

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