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Beck, Mediaite Wrong on Rockefeller’s Dad

By on 11.19.10 | 1:15AM


Yesterday, Glenn Beck went after West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller for Rockefeller’s rant about Fox News. 

So far, so good. Rockefeller’s anti-Fox rant was as arrogant as it was frightening coming from a sitting U.S. Senator.

The problem?

Beck then went on to go after David Rockefeller, whom Beck inaccurately identified as Senator Rockefeller’s father.

Amusingly, Mediate pounced on Beck for this and that, compounding Beck’s mistake.



David Rockefeller is decidedly NOT Senator Rockefeller’s father.

The father of Senator John D. Rockefeller IV would be the late John D. Rockefeller III -- the brother of David Rockefeller, and the son of John D. Rockefeller Jr., who in turn was the son of the original John D. Rockefeller. “Jay” Rockefeller’s Dad John D. the Third was one of the famous “Rockefeller Brothers”… all the sons of John Junior. Those brothers would be John D. III, David, Laurence, Nelson (the ex-governor of New York and Gerald Ford’s vice president), and Winthrop, the one-time governor of Arkansas. There was also a sister in that generation, Abby.

Mr. Beck was correct to nail Senator Rockefeller for his appalling view of a free press and free speech. But to launch as he did into an extended bit about Senator Rockefeller’s “daddy” David was…well….wow. Totally, factually wrong.

This is… what? Amusing? Troubling? Hey....people are paying attention here!

Mediate and the Beck staff failed to ask the simplest of questions: Who's your daddy????

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