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Slandering Alito

By on 1.9.06 | 10:20AM

Having lost his witness who was prepared to attack Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito for his activities at Princeton University 30 years ago, we've learned that Sen. Patrick Leahy is looking to add a new witness to replace him.

Last Friday Leahy lost Stephen R. Dujack after it was revealed that, among other things, he equated the eating of meal with meat to the Holocaust. Dujack was a Princeton alum, who was prepared to attack Alito for his membership in a Princeton alumni group.

Now, Leahy's staff is looking to add to its panelists another Princeton alum to attack Alito for his time at Princeton: Prof. Sally Frank, currently a teacher at Drake University, and a Princeton grad in 1980. Frank was a well-known campus political activist who protested -- among other things -- apartheid in South Africa and the failure of Princeton to provide locks on bathrooms. She is best known for her lawsuits to make Princeton's famous eating clubs co-ed.

A Democratic Judiciary Committee staffer says no decision has been made on adding Frank.

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