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Webb: Terrorists Don’t Belong in US Courts

By on 11.18.10 | 4:06PM

That early PPP poll aside, Jim Webb is once again making statements distancing himself from the Obama administration. Here's his reaction to yesterday's Ghailani verdict.

Yesterday's verdict acquitting international terrorist Ahmed Gailani of 284 of the counts against him affirms what I and others have said from the beginning: those charged with crimes of war and those who have been determined to be dangerous law-of-war detainees do not belong in our courts, our prisons or our country.

I again call on President Obama to use the new military commission system that is in place to try the terrorist detainees currently held at the Guantanamo detention facilities. The new commission system is consistent with international standards. Moreover, it balances robust procedural and substantive rights for the defendants, including prohibiting the introduction of evidence obtained through torture, against the reality that these are not common criminals but violators of the law of war.

Webb has taken this position before, but expect him to be a lot more vocal about it on the way to 2012.

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