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Carbon Tax to Pay for the Bailouts!

By on 11.16.10 | 10:59AM

About the developing Euro bailouts of windmill welfare-queen states, the push is on to impose the long-sought Europe-wide carbon tax (promoted by the French, who get 80% of their juice from nuclear, wink wink nudge nudge) to fund the bailout.

Please, please do this. I can't think of anything that would more quickly and resolutely seal this awful mess's fate. Even (especially?) the German people will finally get it re: the 'green', and the enterprise collapses. Tying carbon taxes to bailouts will be the death knell.

Maybe we could impose a national carbon tax here to fund California's bailout? Then we really would become Europe as our president wants. We could tax West Virginia, Ohio, Virginia and a few other states into oblivion. Oh. Right. Tried that.

So, ah, you collect it from them.

UPDATE: These eco-blogger/bank robbers, so fond of firing live rounds in crowded places, would probably volunteer.

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