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Iran’s Intent

By on 1.8.06 | 9:46AM

A Memri translation of a December 3 editorial in an Iranian newspaper states Iran's offer to help establish terrorist militias in other countries.  Here's the money quote:

"...Iranian daily Kayhan International urged Muslim countries to establish a paramilitary force patterned after Iran's Basij, in order to prevent "all meddling powers from coveting Muslim territories…

Iran is ready to share its experiences in that field with other countries... If the Islamic world were to mobilize its vast material and manpower resources, then no meddler would ever dare think of casting its covetous eyes at Muslim lands... Therefore, the avowed goal of the liberation of Jerusalem and the elimination of the cancerous tumor called Israel will come much sooner than expected."

The daily added, "It is the heroism and the awe of the word Basij that have deterred the global arrogance [i.e. the U.S. and the West] from trying any new military adventure against the territorial integrity of Islamic Iran and its resolve to achieve scientific and technological [i.e. nuclear] progress."

Ahmadinejad will tie Iranian trade and military aid with the establishment of these militias to create an Iranian force inside whichever Muslim countries risk continued ties with Iran. Iran's determined campaign to establish terrorist regimes throughout the Muslim world continues.

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