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400 Million at the Jon Stewart Rally

By on 10.28.10 | 6:52PM

Wow, when there are only about 310 Million people in America. I guess they're looking to get a lot of help from 90 million foreigners?  Hmmm. 

USA Today Story (here):

Comedy Central has credentialed 300 journalists, commissioned 500 portable toilets, and received permits for 60,000 attendees on the National Mall, though the turnout could be much higher. "We've been talking about upward of 400 million or so," says spokesman Steve Albani.

Again, wow. If they get 400 million people on the National Mall, I think Congressman Hank Johnson's (D-Ga.) worry about landmasses tipping over might become a reality.

Either that 400-million thing is a joke or a misprint. Regardless, what will be more interesting is not the rally, itself, but its after-effects -- figuratively and literally.

Figuratively, in that they've got their work cut out for them if they're looking to turn back the Tea Party/Conservative tide set to hit shore on Tuesday.

Literally, if they're looking to outdo the filthy and disgusting condition (photos here) they (those on the left) left the National Mall in last time they rallied.

And that was only a few thousand. 

Imagine what 400 million people could do... 

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