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Kentucky Scandal: Did Democrat Conway Tip His Brother About Drug Probe?

By on 10.23.10 | 5:24PM

The Senate race in Kentucky has been rocked by revelations that Democrat state attorney general Jack Conway's brother was the target of a drug investigation -- but no charges were filed against Matt Conway, and two Louisville detectives have been placed on leave after being accused of leaking information about the investigation:

After a criminal investigation by police, the Jefferson County Attorney's Office decided in August that no charges would be filed against Conway, [Detective Ronald] Russ, [Detective Scott] Wilson or a third narcotics detective, Chauncey Carthan, who was not involved in the leaks but was overheard discussing the second investigation in a restaurant last March.

Carthan's conversation was reported to Jack Conway, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, by a person supporting him. The brothers subsequently conferred with an attorney about the investigation of Matthew Conway, according to the investigative file.

The lawyer, Bart Adams of Louisville, then met with Police Chief Robert White to discuss Carthan's conduct, according to the records.

No charges were filed against Matt Conway. Commonwealth's Attorney David Stengel told the Louisville Courier-Journal "that he had reviewed all of the evidence gathered by police and was convinced that Conway was neither a drug user nor trafficker." In a statement to the newspaper, Jack Conway's office said "his only involvement was to advise his brother to obtain legal counsel."

It is not known what impact the revelations will have on Jack Conway's Senate campaign against Republican Rand Paul, whom polls show leading in the race. Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller reported that the Democrat's campaign did not reply to an e-mail "seeking elaboration Saturday as to whether Conway, as attorney general, took any steps to involve himself in the investigation."

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