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Shocker: Big (Foreign) Wind Calls Tune at Obama DoE. Still.

By on 10.23.10 | 8:42AM

So it is with a mild sense of déjà vu that we read about the bogus claim that the Obama porkulus bill, which my grandkids will likely have a hand in paying off, "created" 50,000 windmill jobs including many that existed before "stimulus" or even the Obama administration (90% or so of which are inherently temporary, and so when homogenized, do not represent 50,000 jobs regardless, fyi).

Specifically, that bit about the Department saying it simply repeated information given to it by wind industry interests when making that official claim sounded awfully familiar.

Windmill companies helping craft DoE pronouncements, to their own benefit...where have I heard tha...ah, yes!

In fact, exposure of Big Wind's rather intimate relationship with this Department of Energy is likely at least part of the reason I expect to soon see the departure of Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. That is former Al Gore CEO Cathy Zoi, recently kicked upstairs to be acting #2, to which she could never be confirmed.

And, yes, Big Wind is to a great extent constituted of those foreign money interests the president disparages, while he also receives support from them and, purely coincidentally, allows them a remarkable role inside his administration. Oh, and which largely foreign interests he heavily subsidized with "stimulus" money transferred from you and yours, to them (at least according to university research and as complained about by Big Labor and lefty mags).

Had enough yet?

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