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Politico Silent on Palin, Hannity, Levin and Beck Retractions

By on 10.22.10 | 10:01PM

Over at Politico, reporter Jonathan Martin came up with a liberal media twist on Sarah Palin and talk radio and Fox stars. The piece, entitled Hurricane Sarah, describes her as "high maintenance" and so on and so on. It is the classic political hit piece.

 As might be expected, the story is sourced to "e-mails and bar-stool chats among the tightknit world of Republican political professionals."

Ahhh yes.

This always interesting little world of self-believed "insiders" has confidently proclaimed that Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Glenn Beck have all had it with Palin. The former Alaska governor is supposed to have "backed out of planned interviews" with Hannity and Levin "the morning she was scheduled to talk to them." Beck was said to be "so annoyed" he "finally decided not to have her on his radio or TV show to promote the book."

Uh-oh. One problem with this for the so-called "insiders."

All three stars say this is nonsense. Levin calls the story a "flat lie." They want a retraction.

 I have inquired of Mr. Martin twice as to whether he or Politico will have a retraction forthcoming for Hannity, Levin and Beck.

And the response?

Silence. And…silence.

This kind of thing, coming on the heels of the NPR-Juan Williams episode, is yet another snapshot of the liberal media in action. Faced with a direct refutation by the people at the center of the story -- they just move on. The real point of the story is to damage conservative A, B, or C. That's what these things are always about. In this case, the primary target is Palin, with the talk radio stars cast as secondary targets.

The only problem for the liberal media these days is that the New Media -- the Virtual Newsroom, as we say here -- exists. So since the denials apparently won't be published over at Politico, much less a retraction, we will call attention to them here.

"Flat lie" was Levin's term. Hannity says it didn't happen. Beck says it didn't happen. 

Interesting, no?

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