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By on 10.22.10 | 12:19PM

Well, well, well -- how soon we forget. General Hugh Shelton is making headlines, saying in his new book, Without Hesitation: The Odyssey of an American Warrior, which must be a tremendous bore and a bit inaccurate: "...and until this day, to my knowledge this has never been released -- the codes were actually missing for months." He is referring to the presidential nuclear codes of Bill Clinton.

But as I reported in my 2007 book, The Clinton Crack-Up: The Boy President’s Life After the White House:

In 1999 he [Clinton] had hastily left a high-level diplomatic meeting in Washington without telling the military aide responsible for the football [the nuclear codes]. Abandoned, and without security, the poor man had to hotfoot it back to the White House alone through the streets of the capital, football in hand. The story was widely reported. Less widely reported, Clinton actually lost his personal set of nuclear codes when the Lewinsky scandal broke. His security detail turned the White House upside down but never found those codes. Maybe some day they too will turn up on eBay or on a Clintonista’s coffee table.

Much of the story was reported in an earlier book by Buzz Patterson. Equally rich is that Jimmy Carter left his nuclear codes in a suit he had sent out to be cleaned.

National security is not a major concern with modern-day Democrats. Where are the Prophet Obama’s codes?

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