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Rep. Cao’s father

By on 10.21.10 | 2:59PM

Promoted from the addendum at the end of my column today:

Shortly before midnight last night, Rep. Joseph Cao's father passed away. This is a man who suffered in a Vietcong "re-education" camp for seven years. One imagines that as badly as John McCain, Jeremiah Denton, and other Americans suffered in their prison camps, South Vietnamese officers who fought the Vietcong to the bitter end probably were treated far, far worse. Remember, this was after the international spotlight, and the power of the United States, was/were gone as a threat to the Viet Communists, to keep them at least somewhat human.

More here.

My condolences are with Rep. Cao and his family. May My Quang Cao rest in peace. -- Quin Hillyer

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