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Corker: McConnell to Sabotage ObamaCare Repeal

By on 10.20.10 | 10:57AM

Here we go.

With a mere 13 days to go in this election -- an election in which all things left are on the verge of being thoroughly repudiated if every poll out there is to believed -- a shocking story appears.

A story in has Tennessee GOP Senator Bob Corker telling "high dollar donors" at a GOP event something prospective Republican voters will be surprised to hear:

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and his GOP colleagues have no intention whatsoever to repeal ObamaCare. None. Zip.

According to what the story says are "multiple sources," here's the skinny:

The junior senator from Tennessee told the gathering of donors not to worry about the incoming class of "crazier Republicans" because the majority of Senate Republicans, especially minority leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), had no intention of repealing the president's health care bill. They instead planned to fix only the "bad parts" of the law, Corker reportedly told the group.

Get that? The Senate Republican Establishment is already actively planning to sabotage any effort by new colleagues…colleagues they consider to be "crazier Republicans" …to repeal the law that has infuriated a majority of Americans.

If this is true, the very first move of these "crazier Republicans" should be to remove McConnell from his leadership post, and make sure Corker is never put anywhere near any of the lesser leadership spots.

What could McConnell and Corker possibly be thinking? Perhaps it would be easier to preserve the Democrats' Senate majority if the two just switched parties outright. Having apparently decided to deliberately sabotage Item One on the conservative agenda from inside, why not just go all the way? When Harry Reid is defeated perhaps McConnell could take a run at being the Democrats' Senate Leader?

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