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One Hundred Sixteen Vulnerable Democrats

By on 10.18.10 | 4:41PM

Take away 40 from this list, and the GOP would STILL have 76 trombones to lead the big parade!! The list is the incredibly useful work of Jim Geraghty at NRO's Campaign Spot. It's a great way to keep track of seats that could switch to the GOP. On the other hand, I think only nine seats have a chance to go from the GOP to the Dems, and really only five of them are real possibilities. In one of those, in New Orleans, GOPer and firm pro lifer Joseph Cao faces an electorate that, if memory serves, is 64% black and 73 % Democrat. But don't count him out: His opponent has a sleazy record (more on that in a coming post) and Cao is an incredibly hard worker.

But back to Geraghty's list: What's amazing is that so few of the supposedly vulnerable Democrats can seriously argue that they really are safe.....

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